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Jim Chen Honorable President
River Duan President
Dr. Shawn Liang Vice President
Dr. Charlie Xiang Vice President
Richard Wang Vice President
Mei Yang Vice President
Yan Wang Director
Cindy Zhong Project Manager
Dan Loague Venture Investment Advisor
Randall Reade International Consultant
Founder     River Duan worked for governments, high-tech industies, and Think-tanks in both US and China. He has solid training in science, engineering, technology management.  Before came to USA in 1990s, Mr. Duan served as project manager in the top Chinese R&D governments--the Chinese Academy of Sciences and the Ministry of Science and Technology, with intensive management & policy making experiences for many Chinese national R&D projects in the areas of superconducting, information technology, mechanical engineering, energy, nanotech and material sciences.  He is the first International Fellow of Science & Technology Management in the US Think-tank SRI International, Inc. (the former Stanford Research Institute) since China started economy reform in 1978.  He studied and worked with well-known system scientist Professor Dr. John N. Warfield on complexity and system management.  While primary working in USA telecommunication industry since 1998 as senior telecom and Internet professional, Mr. Duan is also a friend of US-China governmental, academic and industrial communities that involve in international technology transfer, innovation, and outsourcing.   He knows very well about the structure and operation of high tech industrial zones, software parks, science parks, technology & industrial associations, SME policies, and technology related decision making systems and processes in both countries, specially in China.  In recent years, Mr. Duan focuses on industrial research and consulting service of IT cooperation and outsourcing, innovation management, and venture investment for clients of both countries.  He founded the technology and innovation based consulting firm UCTID, Inc. in 2006.  He also teaches graduate courses of Computer Science in local universities.  Mr. Duan certainly belongs to the group of people in US that you must know if you plan to conduct technology based business betweenn US and China.
Mr. Duan hold:  BS degree of Thermodynamics from China's top university Tsinghua University; MS degree of Computational Fluid Dynamics  from China's top R&D institute, the Chinese Academy of Science (China);   Ph.D. Candidate of Complexity and Technology Management,  and MS degree of Computer Science from George Mason University (USA);  MBA Certificate from Oversea Chinese Entrepreneur Association.

创始人   段渠  华盛顿“中美技术创新与发展中心”总裁,美国第三大电信公司捷西电讯高级系统工程师, 多家美国华人专业协会理事及大学兼职教师。出国前是中国科学院研究工程师并先后兼国家超导办,中科院学部(院士)办,中科院数理化学局 (基础研究局)和国家科委(科技部) 基础研究高技术司项目官员,咨询管理过多项国家重大基础研究和高科技前沿项目及其国际合作(如大规模计算,高温超导技术,纳米材料,高效能源,新型电池,液晶显示,低温等离子,空间微重力等).  1994年应世界著名智囊机构斯坦福研究所邀请来美访问研究国际科技创新,管理和科学引文索引(SCI)数据库分析,是该机构在中国改革开放后的第一位也是最年轻的科技管理国际学者(International Fellow)。之后,作为访问学者在乔治梅森大学在国际著名系统科学家Professor Dr. John N.Warfield门下研究系统科学,复杂性及科技管理并在职攻读双学位。1998年始在美国IT和电信业从事信息技术开发,咨询和管理工作, 对一些互联网及电信应用协议有相当研究。对中美高技术产业,科技产业园区,政府及科技决策,科技风险投资运作十分熟悉,对国际技术市场, 国际软件外包ITO, 商业流程管理外包BPO业务有相当的经验。2003年为大连设计ITO培训教程,是中国科技部"欧美软件出口工程"最早推动者之一。2005年在业界提出中国欧美软件服务外包哑铃式竞争战略。 十几年来为中美双边政府,企业,科技及学术界的交流与合作做了许多义务工作,与许多知名大学,智囊机构和科技咨询公司有过合作。 2006年与其他中美专家学者共同创办成立了非盈利智囊型科技创新,技术转移,科技公共关系,风险投资研究咨询机构UCTID。

风险投资顾问   (Venture Investment Advisor)    Dan Loague is the Executive Director of the Capital Formation Institute, Inc (CFI), a 501(c)(3) non-profit spin-off of the National Association of Seed and Venture Funds (NASVF), the nation’s largest network of seed and early stage investment professionals. CFI works with the nation’s most distinguished researchers in capital formation and enterprise creation, and leading seed and early stage investing professionals. CFI provides comprehensive Web-accessible publications and on-demand in-depth audio interviews with key investment and enterprise development experts on state-of-the-art best practices. CFI also provides leadership-level symposia and interactive train-the-trainer workshops on seed and early stage investing. As past Executive Director of NASVF, Mr. Loague helped create and nurture seed investing and enterprise development networks in communities and regions across the U.S., and has managed more than 100 national and regional events focused on seed-stage investing.
国际合作咨询顾问  (International Consultant)  Randall Reade Randall Reade is Chairman of the International Committee for the Northern Virginia Technology Council. The NVTC is the largest tech council in North America, and represents over 1100 technology companies. The International Committee is the largest and most active committee at NVTC and sponsors many events and meetings that help facilitate international trade of technology and investment. Mr. Reade is also President of Zipzone Ltd., a company which helps software companies find markets overseas, and finds offshore companies that can do technology outsourcing. Mr. Reade is a licensed attorney, and previously worked at the US Department of Labor.