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Event: Introduction of China International IT Innovation Cluster (CIIIC) and The 1st Washington D.C. Innovation & Entrepreneur Seminar Saturday Nov. 11th, 10AM-12PM, Mason Enterprise Center

China Telecom USA is the largest international subsidiary of China Telecom.
China Telecom USA is headquartered in Herndon, Virginia, with offices across the US and Canada. The company is the only provider licensed to sell domestic China telecommunication services in North and South America. The company provides telecommunication solutions to enterprises and global carriers. It provides customers between North America and China a full range of data, IP and wholesale voice products including domestic China and North American services, and international connectivity. China Telecom USA's comprehensive product portfolio also includes a complete suite of managed services that include proactive network monitoring, managed CPE, network security, and data center solutions to meet all aspects of a business-telecommunications needs. China Telecom USA is the strategic partner to North American companies requiring access to China and Asia.

China Telecom Corporation (CT) is one of the largest global telecommunications carriers in the world with over 137 million customers, more than $23 billion in revenue, and employing more than 370,000
telecommunication professionals. As one of the largest fixed-line operators in the world, CT owns and operates a variety of domestic and international fixed-line telecommunications networks and facilities, including local access, wireless loops, voice, data, multimedia and other telecommunications services in China. Today, CT has ownership in over 50 international cable
systems reaching more than 71 countries. The company owns and manages the second largest IP network, called ChinaNet, which has 80% of China's Internet market share. China Telecom has launched a new network, CN2, a completely new MPLS backbone network that is IPv6 enabled, and designed for guaranteed performance, security and flexibility. This network provides global coverage, network technology infrastructure and management capabilities for customers to successfully leverage China in their growth strategy.